As part of the project led by the association PROI and financed by the Embassy of the Netherlands, entitled “Improving the process of eliminating smuggling and other forms of illegal trade in tobacco products as part of EU accession”, the association PROI on 08.02.2023. publishes

                                                                                                                              OPEN CALL

                                                                                         For a project consultant with international experience

Purpose of consultation

Providing support to B&H institutions in the preparation of legal legislation in the field of elimination of smuggling and illegal trade in tobacco products.

Tasks and responsibilities

An international project consultant is expected to:

  • Preparation of legal analyses, studies and comparison of the current situation in the field of elimination of illegal trade in tobacco products in B&H/EU
  • To propose clear recommendations to state institutions in accordance with international standards for the adoption of a series of measures and legal solutions with the aim of ratifying and implementing the Protocol on the Elimination of Illegal Trade in Tobacco Products
  • Provision of professional and advisory assistance during cooperation/meetings with institutions working in the field of rule of law, fight against organized crime and security
  • In cooperation and according to the instructions of the project team PROI, participates in the development of a manual for the adoption of system solutions that will ensure the achievement of the status for ratification of the Protocol
  • Provide the necessary support and expertise to part of the PROI project team based on previous experience and practices, which would be applicable in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, i.e. transfer experiences in the field of elimination of illicit trade in tobacco products 
  • Works in close cooperation with the project manager in accordance with legal regulations and the coordination of the Project manager
  • Meet all the criteria required according to this advertisement

Duration of engagement and remuneration

The engagement of the expert is planned for the duration of March 2023/May 2023, in accordance with the funds available for this purpose in the Project budget (10 working days).

The compensation, rights and obligations of the person engaged for the needs of this activity are regulated in detail by the work contract, in accordance with the Law and the general acts of the PROI association.

By signing the contract, the hired expert undertakes to fulfill all the obligations that are the subject of the contract and within the stipulated period.

Qualifications and special requirements

A person who is hired as an international project consultant must:

  • have  international experience in the field of elimination of smuggling and other forms of illicit trade in tobacco products
  • know the rules and processes of EU accession, and the integration of EU legislation into national law
  • have a minimum of 5 years of work experience in the field of international law

Application procedure and deadline

Individuals interested are invited to submit a letter of intent and CV to the e-mail by February 17, 2023.

The executor will be selected after the interview with the project team. Only candidates who meet the required conditions will be invited for an interview.

The work contract will be awarded to the executor who is evaluated as the most favorable in terms of references, i.e. work experience, work results, business reputation and other essential elements of the contract in question.

Correspondence related to the open call in question will be conducted exclusively via e-mail. Incomplete, untimely applications, as well as applications from bidders who do not meet the conditions of this call, will not be taken into consideration.