About PROI

From our founding in 2001, we work to make positive changes in the field of public health advocacy, human rights, community development, environment, economic growth and social inclusion in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
We seek to replace the “non” designation with “pro” in everything we do. The first three letters of our name serve as our mission statement in that we are PRO-healthy living, PRO-prosperity and PRO-individual, all of these in perfect harmony with collective well-being, human development and progress as the be-all and end-all of everything we do.
Last twenty years we have strived to act as PROs who bring passion, creativity and experience to every mission we take, as long as its start and finish lines begin & end with the desire to improve the quality of life and net happiness for as many individuals as possible.
Our signature projects have so far tackled public health, poverty alleviation, and developmental tourism, all with just enough local flavor to be communally recognizable, yet with sufficient regional focus to win us many allies and fellow travelers on the paths to progress we tread together.


PROI is part of the PROI & Balkantina group

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