Advocating for advanced public health policies is one of the key elements of our local and regional visibility.

We have gained the richest experience in the field of tobacco control, which together with our partners we have turned into a unique regional voice of advocates of a healthier society and modern solutions that will benefit all stakeholders in the complex mosaic of public health.

We have achieved this by building coalitions, such as the Smoke-Free Partnership for BiH with 40 members, online campaigns (the Smeta Mi campaign has become the main communication channel for tobacco control), active media appearances with over 530 publications, whose messages have reached three million people, through public advocacy (which has had a key impact on decision-makers to get involved in tobacco control reform), public actions and events, training and education, and research and publication preparation.

PROI is a member of the European network Smoke-Free Partnership (SFP) and The European Network for Smoking and Tobacco Prevention (ENSP), and has established cooperation with over 70 international public health organizations.


PROI is part of the PROI & Balkantina group

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