PROI improves the lives of citizens in BiH and beyond through its targeted advocacy campaigns, the promotion of good governance and best practices, and the protection of personal and collective rights.

Our multi-year campaign "Smeta Mi" aimed at supporting comprehensive regulation of tobacco control in BiH is the best example of a project in which we have incorporated all the principles of our approach to public action: advocating the adoption and implementation of modern legal solutions, protection of human rights and freedoms (such as the right to health protection), calling on public and political actors to take responsibility and fighting against personal interests that are to the detriment of the well-being of the community.

We strengthen the capacity of each individual to successfully compel local and state authorities to offer them better services and the protection of rights.

At the same time, in our public campaigns, we build local and regional coalitions, strengthen the social fabric and create an environment in which everyone will be accountable to the public for everything they do or say.


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