Economic growth is a field in which we have combined the best of the experiences we have gathered by working with communities and implementing internally developed business ideas.

The result is a range of projects in which we have raised the quality of life of communities through the affirmation of their underutilized economic potential, such as rural tourism, gastronomy and small food producers.

One of our brands is Balkantina, which, since 2016, has been operating as a center at which we have organically strengthened the links between local culture and gastronomy, food producers, tour operators, cultural workers and domestic and international tourists.

Under this brand, PROI has also implemented the "Hrana Gurmana" campaign, which includes hundreds of small producers and service providers offering indigenous food, cosmetics and other products. PROI and Balkantina have jointly implemented a capital project to create a website that functions as a unique virtual platform for presenting rural tourism service providers from all over BiH.


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