Our Projects

Projects are the primary way we improve our community, whose shortcomings we first identify and then correct through capacity building, public action, advocacy, communication, education and community engagement.

Although our projects included seemingly disparate sectors such as public health, economics, law and justice and environment, the invisible but strong thread that links them is our desire to create a social environment in which the lives lived are healthier, more prosperous and dignified.

That is why our projects are focused on finding smart and practical solutions to challenges that affect communities, because in every corner of either of them there are vulnerable and silent groups such as small producers, children exposed to smoking or unemployed women in need that need affirmation and, more importantly, our concrete assistance.

You can find more details in the descriptions of individual projects that we have successfully implemented but most of them have so far referred to creating a healthier environment, supporting public health, better control of addictive substances, policies aimed at accelerating the EU accession, support for innovation in entrepreneurship, strengthening competitiveness in the labor market, assisting small and micro enterprises, boosting rural tourism.

We do not treat the implemented projects in each of these areas as isolated and permanently completed missions because a good part of them covers several sectors and sheds light on only one aspect of complex social problems that we are dealing with at that moment.

Many of them have their follow-ups that reflect the changing circumstances on the ground, and we are always expanding some to new areas in which we believe we can offer the best for society and the individual.

    • Tobacco-Free Balkans
    • Tobacco Free Bosnia and Herzegovina: Promotion and Creation of Smoke-Free Spaces
    • Increasing Universal Access For At-Risk Populations in Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • "You Are Not Alone With Us" - Reducing Harm Among Injecting Drug Users And Sex Workers in Sarajevo and Mostar
    • HIV prevention and Harm Reduction In Hard-To-Reach Groups And Groups At Increased Risk
    • Scaling-up HIV Testing for Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission in Maternity
    • Anti-Dop Ambassadors Beyond Borders
    • “Be Smart – Don’t Start” - Preventing Drug Use Among Female Early Adolescents and Female Adolescents in Sarajevo
    • The Public Security House–Comprehensive Approach to Community Safety
    • Enhancing Process of Elimination of Smuggling and Other Forms of Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products as a Part of EU Accession
    • The Development and Implementation of Short Term Multi-Faceted Tobacco Control Law Adoption Communication Activities
    • The Accomplishment of the Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms Through Tobacco Control
    • Big Tobacco, Tiny Targets in the Balkans
    • Human Right for Clean Air
    • Hrana Gurmana
    • Rural.ba
    • Rural Research
    • Human Right for Clean Air
    • Tobacco Free Bosnia and Herzegovina: Promotion and Creation of Smoke-Free Spaces


Thanks to an innovative approach to projects of social relevance we have been strengthening our communities and improving the quality of life.

Tobacco free Balkans

Tobacco free Balkans seeks to strengthen tobacco control measures by promoting adoption of tobacco control measures in B&H, SRB, and MNE.


The HRANA GURMANA campaign is designed to enrich the story of BiH home-made and healthy food.


Rural.ba is a platform that explores, develops and offers tourist products to all lovers of BiH rural gastronomy, culture, nature and adventure.


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