We implement the project “Anti-Dop Ambassadors beyond borders” together with NGO Preporod from Montenegro within the Cross-border Programme Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro. This project is supported by European Union.

The overall objective of the project is strengthening sustainable social cohesion of people and institutions in cross border regions through contribution to addressing substance abuse issues among youth.

Specific objective of the project is contribution made to decrease risks of drug abuse among youth through awareness raising actions and multidisciplinary approach (synergy of civil sector, public institutions and youth initiatives) of the cross border region.    

With this project we primarily want to influence the decrease of drug abuse through the mechanism of peer education and primary prevention. We want to build the capacities of young to fight with this problem and to promote principals of healthy life in their communities. Through joint activities, we will strengthen cross-border cooperation and the exchange of knowledge and experience we have, what will bring our capabilities in the fight against drugs to a higher level.  

We haven’t forgotten the family as the basic cell of every healthy society, hence numerous activities will be realized so that parents could enhance their skills and understanding of their role in the development of their children.

Cross-border cooperation will be formalized through a Memorandum of cross-border cooperation which will be signed at the end of the project by the representatives of relevant institutions from both countries. This document will constitute a strong foundation for the future for joint work in fighting drug abuse in the cross-border region.