In our work we commit to human development guided by capabilities approach based on:


We commit to equal access to opportunities, irrespective of their race, ethnic origin, gender, nationality, primary language, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, cultural background, age, health status, or religion.


We think about future and commit to meet the needs of the present in the way which not compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.


We commit to increase people capabilities and enrich human-labour productivity and work efficiency.


All people have the right to make choices and participate in decisions that affect their lives. We commit to empower people, in particularly those affected by economical and social disadvantages.


Each person can contribute to social changes and we commit to catalyze processes of mutual enrichment and a source of social meaning.


Social innovations

Within our work we are committed to enhance PROI institutional capacity for creative problem solving, through dedicated support for idea generation, learning from others, incorporating new technologies and best practices, and other activities.

We seek to offer and support innovative effective ways to solve the most challenging issues in the community. PROI was pioneer in Bosnia and Herzegovina which introduced to our community new approaches in drug prevention and treatment, HIV prevention, human rights based initiatives for marginalized persons, employment of vulnerable people and other.