We aim to be both politically and financially independent. Our governance, programmes and policies are non-partisan, independent of specific governments, political parties and the business sector.

Responsible advocacy

We are committed to ensure that our advocacy is consistent with our mission, grounded in our work and advances defined public interests.


We value, respect and seek to encourage diversity, and seek to be impartial and non-discriminatory in all our activities.


We are committed to openness, transparency and honesty about our structures, mission, policies and activities. We will communicate actively to stakeholders about ourselves, and make information publicly available.


We seek continuously to improve our effectiveness. We have defined evaluation procedures for our boards, staff, programmes and projects on the basis of mutual accountability.

Public Criticism

We are responsible in our public criticisms of individuals and organisations, ensuring such criticism amounts to fair public comment.


We recognise our that organisational integrity extends to ensuring that our partners also meet the highest standards of probity and accountability, and will take all possible steps to ensure that there are no links with organisations, or persons involved in illegal or unethical practices.