In recent years, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is imposed as a very important subject in the business world and presents a widely adopted business practice in the developed countries of the world. A lot of companies include this segment into their business and development plan. Both, institutional and individual investors consider the existence of the social responsible practice as evidence that certain company is well-managed which becomes a major factor in making their business decisions. The fact that the European Union strongly supports the expansion of this practice through a series of initiatives is an additional reason why the B&H business sector should consider the introduction of the principles of social responsibility in their business processes, because it is the only way companies invest in their future.

Expressing social responsibility and volunteerism we are trying to help the business sector in B&H in increasing the standards of social development, environmental protection, respect for human rights, as well as transparent management by promoting the interests of different actors on the way to achieving quality and sustainability. We help businesses subjects to implement new partnerships and expand existing cooperation in social dialogue, skills acquisition, equal opportunities, anticipation and management of change. In this way we strengthen economic and social cohesion at local or national level, and globally we strive to improve respect for basic human rights.